About Us

We work to expand the potential benefits of regenerative medicine for everyday and future medical practice, so to build better care for better life for our society. The RD power house of CBI consists of a group of well-experienced biomedical scientists and skillful lab technicians, led and managed by veterans in cell therapies and new drug development.  


Better Care, Better Life.

Our Team Members

Dr. Sean C.-H Chen

General Manager/CEO

Board Director, Capstone Biotek Inc.

Dr. Chen is the founder of Capstone Biotek Inc. (CBI) as well as the sole founder of a couple other reputed biotechnology companies (including Hsinchu-based Transwell Biotech, the forerunner of allogenic somatic cell therapy in Taiwan). He also serve as consultant or committee member for several governmental institutes and biotech companies. His current duty in CBI is mainly responsible for RD project overseeing, business alliance and strategic planning for the company and product commercialization. Dr. Chen has over 20 years of professional expertise and experience ranging from pre-clinical and clinical research operation to regulatory and commercial development for NCE, 505b2 and ANDA products. Dr. Sean Chen holds a Neuroscience Ph.D. and was trained and doing research at the Duke University (Durham), the Ohio State University (Columbus) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston) before returning to Taiwan. Dr. Chen was a full-time faculty in the National Taiwan University, College of Medicine before he was invited for biopharmaceutical industry RD/BD positions.

Dr. Tim Huang

Director, Product Development

Dr. Huang has hands-on experience in tackling down challenging academic and industrial projects, including those for regenerative medicine. He before also worked for a top Swiss high-end precision instrument company, providing his knowledge, enthusiasm and skill for their product marketing and sales activities as well as technical support in Taiwan. Dr. Huang also play a crucial role previously in Dr. Sean Chen’s team for a clinical-stage allogenic cell therapy product development. Dr. Tim Huang holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and a MBA from the National Taiwan University.

Dr. SL Jian

Senior Scientist/Researcher

Department of Technology Research

Dr. Jian was a senior research fellow for years at the prestigious Institute of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology & Institute of Molecular and Genomic Medicine (National Health Research Institutes) in Taiwan. She has had participated in a variety advanced medicinal product development for the treatment of cancer and Alzheimer’s Diseases, under the support of government grants from MOHW and MOST. Dr. SL Jian holds a Ph.D. in Life Sciences (National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan). She has in-depth lab expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, cancer biology, immunology and animal model establishment.

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