Low endotoxin gelatin from Nippi is a highly qualified gelatin with extremely low content of endotoxin (≦ 10 EU/g). The presence of endotoxins which are lipopolysaccarides found in the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria would induce strong immune response and lead to possibly death. Nippi’s low endotoxin gelatin is suitable for research and clinical use and ready for use as stabilizer for injections, drug delivery systems, and tissue engineering as scaffold.


  • From porcine skin and sterilized

  • Has extremely lower content of endotoxin (≦ 10 EU/g)

  • Has a variety of potential applications in the fields of regenerative medicine, medical devices and scientific research.


Contents & Storage

  • Lyophilized form

  • Store in room temperature

Low endotoxin gelatin

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