Human Allogenic Cells

Capstone-Biotek Incorporation has also been dedicated in cellular therapy product development.

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Allogenic v.s. Autologous Sources

An allogenic source would allow an “off-the-shelf” product which could then be given at any time in the process of targeted medical conditions rather than one (such as autologous cells) governed by cultured times. Allogenic approaches would potentially provide more affordable and convenient access for patients who could be benefited from cell therapies. In addition, allogenic products should more readily be standardized in the culturing and manufacturing process than autologous sources, despite maintaining these quality standards and controls throughout multiple banking activities for sufficient allogenic cells supply still poses challenges to the industry. Of course, varied degrees of immunotolerance and the possible source of disease transmission are some of the clinical safety and regulatory issues that still requires constantly watch and discussion for allogenic products.

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